Traits of Personality in Vedic perspective                      

                                                                                    By Shanker Vats

Every individual in the world has his unique mental and physical personality traits. The personality of a person comprising of one’s physical appearance, one’s intelligence and power of understanding and /or expressing oneself can be judged from his horoscope with the help of some fundamental rules of astrology.



On knowing one’s potentials and future prospects, one can improve his capabilities and can achieve maximum success in life.

The personality as a whole is analyzed with the help of ascendant, its lord, planets associated with them and the other planets signifying various personality traits depending upon their strength.

The rising sign of Zodiac on the eastern horizon at the time of birth is called the Ascendant of the horoscope. It rules the personality, disposition, tendencies and worldly outlook of the native.

Broadly speaking, if the Ascendant or the lord of ascendant belongs to or associated with benefic planets, the native is virtuous, good looking and with bright future. This is not so if malefic planets influence the ascendant or its lord unless they are the lords of the Ascendant.

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